How did Soldiers Rd Portraits get its name?

There is a road on the south side of the Kaimai Ranges towards Tauranga. Sadly the tangata whenua lands were confiscated by the Colonial government of the time to punish them for raising arms against them. Their land was then given to Pakeha Soldiers to occupy.  Although we do not whakapapa to that area, we decided to confiscate the name Soldiers Rd back in remembrance of the iwi.

How can I book a portrait?

We hold Open Studio Days around NZ and Australia, and these are advertised on our Facebook page – Soldiers Rd Portraits. We can accept Private Booking requests which incur an additional fee of $175 plus portraits.

Who owns the rights to our portraits?

Soldiers Rd Portraits is unique in the world in that we have chosen NOT to own the rights over the portraits we take of people. This disrespectful practice was done to our ancestors many years ago and indeed to most indigenous peoples around the world.

Therefore we have made a conscientious decision to forgo the “usual rights as photographers” to the images. Instead we share the intellectual property rights of our portraits with the subjects or customers. We do not sell any images we take unless express consent has been granted to do so from the portraiture subjects.


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