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“Today our whanau were blessed to have had our babies photograph taken by the talented Vienna and Taaniko from Soldiers Rd Portraits. To say the experience was awesome would be an understatement and would discredit the amazing work these girls do. Our little ones don’t usually respond well with strangers (and fair enough) but throughout our short but super efficient session both my son and my niece were content with these ladies and happy to be dressed up and photographed. Myself being Australian, the Maori culture is something that I didn’t know much about at all until I married into a beautiful family that descend from the Ngati Maniapoto iwi and to have this moment for my son to draw from as he grows into his Maori heritage was an invaluable experience. Thank you Vienna and Taaniko for today, it was everything we could have hoped it to be! And my hubby says thank you to Wolfe for those gorgeous cuddles!”
-Naomi Hartig Ngauma, Gold Coast

“Kia ora whanau! We are so blessed to have the privilege to have our images and moments in time captured by you all. If there will be classic and iconic images of this era, your art will be included in the best! Keep doing what you do!”
-The Taongskis Senski, Remy, Hinearoha & Turuhira, Wellington

“Thank-you Taaniko and Vienna, you are truly effortless artists with an eye for beauty! I felt like we were merely props in your piece of art. With my 3 daughters growing up in Australia, unfortunately they are not that in touch with their Maori, Niuean and Euro culture…as much as I hoped we would all be. However taking these pictures not only opens up their curiosity about their Maori background and where they came from, but it also adds to our household a connection back to our home and it welcomes questions from our visitors on our story. The photoshoot process was quick, comfortable, simple and easy…something every mother wants/needs…especially when I was hapu on the first photoshoot and then having a follow-up photoshoot with Amber when she was 6months. You are both AMAZING with children…My girls loved you and most impressively…they listened to you!”
-Savanna Swan, Brisbane

“I’ve waited two years for the chance to have a family portrait shot by Soldiers Rd and it was definitely worth the wait. I was surprised by how intimate and personal our experience was and the photos turned out to be everything I’d envisioned and more. Vienna and Taaniko are amazing at what they do. Tena korua xx”
-Luticia Samuels, Perth

“What an amazing experience for both myself, my children and my partner. I am Maori and my partner is Samoan, so doing this together for our family meant the absolute world to us. Our tamariki embrace both their Maori and Samoan side. I am grateful to have met these two beautiful wahine who embraced us as soon as we walked in and made us feel comfortable the whole way through. We will definitely be doing this again. May god continue to bless and guide you both on this amazing journey. Till we meet again.”
-Kerry, Sydney

“Thank you for the great time and experience. When we arrived at the house we were welcomed by the karanga of the majestic Tui. The name of the street was a blessing for we descend from Norway and are of Viking descent. And the View is magical. The whakawhanaungatanga was a great way to start the photo shoot. My children loved it and were able to feel the wairua, energy and passion you have for what you do. it was great for my daughter to see and feel the influence of Mana Wahine and Wahine Toa. in the words of Marion Williams, “You unconsciously gave her permission to let her own light shine” She was inspired by our short but powerful meeting. Arwen and Odin were empowered by the way you fused their polynesian, Samoan and Maori descent together, which created a portrait of multi cultural dimension and incorporated all aspects of our whakapapa. As kaitiaki of creating memories for generations, you do an amazing work. It reminds of a whakatauaki: ” E Kore Au e Ngaro, He Ta Moko o Oku Matua Tipuna” I will never be lost, for I am a sacred imprint of my ancestors. Your work is this, leaving a sacred portrait of our whanau and legacy for those that follow us. Nga mihi nui ki a korua e Taaniko raua ko Vienna, tino miharo to mahi aroha. Tino ataahua te pikitia mo toku whanau. Kia pai to haerenga i roto i tenei mahi, he mahi whakairo pikitia o te tangata me nga whanau. ka kite ano e korua.”
– Rikki Solomon, Auckland

“Ngā mihi nui ki a korua. Thank you so very much for the most amazing experience yesterday. Not only will we come away with a beautiful family portrait showcasing our family’s cultural identity (that will undoubtedly serve as tool for our sons’ to learn more about themselves as they grow and navigate NZ society), the experience in which we got our portrait done was something we all walked away from having thoroughly enjoyed. I particularly loved the opportunity to whakawhanaungatanga. It was meaningful, valuable and set a wonderful tone for our session. My hubby who is normally quite reserved, conservative and wasn’t feeling well yesterday, loved it! (that in itself says a lot!). I was already a fan prior to coming along and left an even bigger one after meeting you both and experiencing a portrait sitting. You do such wonderful work and we wish you all the best success xx”
– Alexis Cameron, Auckland

“I am not always vocal about my ancestry, my ethnicities, and my genealogy. This is something that I have always been quiet about as it is possibly the one valuable asset that I choose to keep private away from exposure. Stumbling across the Soldiers Rd business spoke volumes to me in terms of identity, culture and more importantly, indigenity. It is not often that you come into contact with people who attempt to keep indigenous peoples rights alive as well as assimilating into such a modernised and contemporary world where those very attributes are shun against by opposing views. Soldiers Rd is but one incorporation that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of where my son and I were introduced to beautiful mana wahine. Feminism is well and truly alive, and has not left Aotearoa. Thank you for sharing your time with my son and I. Not only did we feel right at home, but for taking on board cultural identity from someone who is non-Maori.”
-Kay Rochelle James, Hamilton

My experience w/Soldiers Rd was nothing short of an amazing blessing! These woman not only provided a beautiful portrait, but an even more beautiful experience. They were dealing w/many obstacles that day…a huge turnout, an awful library worker, etc., but they treated me w/so much respect & love @ a time when I desperately needed it. I was able to reconnect w/my culture & the power & spirit of those who have gone on before me. Thank you ladies for a memory that will last a lifetime!!”

Char Peterson Ruiz, Utah

“Kia ora, Huge thank you to Vienna and Taaniko Soldiers Rd Portraits such ataahua wahine maori inside and out thank you for giving us an unforgettable experience! Seeing all my tamariki with their mokos on was a moment I will cherish forever was powering and uplifting to see such mana within my tamariki Mama was loving every second of it!! Thank you for helping us capture beautiful memories. Nga mihi”
Whetu Walker, Hamilton

Oh man! What a cool experience for our little whanau! From the moment we walked in you both made us feel welcome, relaxed and excited!!!! Your attention to the little things makes having a portrait by you all the more special. Thank you Taaniko and Vienna. We wish you all the best for your ventures abroad and look forward to seeing you take our culture to the world! We will be back! – Arohanui.”
-Andrew, Renee, Rome and Sahara Mackay, Auckland


I cant say enough about these beautiful wahines. They do such a great job of welcoming you into their space. To find out that my husband is of the same tribe as them, made it even more special. The passion shared about their work, experience and life shines through strongly. I highly recommend Soldiers rd Portraits. I walked in as a customer… And left feeling like a “cuzzy bro” – whanau. Much aroha and ill be back for the proper photo with all 3 children hahaha.” – Aishai Bates, Rotorua


“Thank you ladies for yet another great experience, the pride and passion you both have towards providing a unique service that our people will enjoy for generations to come is priceless. Bringing your product to Australia means more of us have that opportunity it reconnect with our homeland through your wonderful photos, they are awesome.” -Warren Wipiti, Sydney


“Fantastic photo shoot..we loved everything about the shoot. The beautiful wahine were patient with our boys and had so much Knowledge and aroha for what they do..we felt so happy and at home With the girls.didnt want to leave..we travelled from tamworth To sydney,which is was so worth it and we will Def be foing it again..good luck with yr ttip to newyork Rep it hard!!!take cre and see you soon. ONE LOVEx” -Mara, Sydney


“You girls are amazing. Both work wise and personality. You totally made us feel at home and comfortable within 30 seconds of being there. Your work was also incredible. Will def be coming again next time your in town. And dont forget my whares always available. Haha” -Ashley John, Sydney


“Would highly recommend soldier rd portraits for their awesome photos aswell as their amazing humble welcoming aroha n attitudes they make you feel welcome much appreciated from us and respect evevrything they do so glad i went as it made my family and my 2 year old daughter proud and happii made our day chur whanau can’t wait to see you guys again would do it in a heart beat” -Trina and Shane, Sydney


“Tēnā korua, What an awesome, amazing opportunity. My whānau were a bit homesick and having the opportunity to spend a few minutes in te Āo Māori made it a whole heap easier to bare. Māori professionals who are professionally Māori. Best wishes for your mahi ki tawahi and can’t wait until next time you’re in Mackay. We will be back and this time being the whole Whānau” -Hira Adlam, Mackay


“What an absolute joy to work with these two ataahua wahine, whom showed such whanau love and patience with my tamariki. I would totally recommend thier services to anyone wanting an awesum whanau portrait. Love your work ladies xxx” -Sera Latu, Mackay


“The girls at soldiers road were absolutely fantastic. The photo was beautiful, it was really quick and really professionally done. Great experience. Would so recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Thanks girls. Xxx” -Chicky Kim Morrison, Gold Coast


“To the lovely Wahine Ma of Soldiers Rd. Thank you very much for catching a piece of us in a way other photo’s wouldn’t. love the whanau feel around ur mahi. A real pleasure to meet u both and pepe look forward to seeing u both again on our wedding day in RAGLAN!!! will most differently keep in touch. differently recommend soldier rd to everyone GOOD LUCK in NEW YORK!!!” -Natalia and Racheal, Auckland


“Absolutely loved these beautiful wahine’s, very welcoming, caring, easy to talk to. WOW, if anyone gets the chance to meet them, they will just blow you away with their presence, love, genuine love for their work and what they do. Would definitely recommend to anyone if you ever get the chance to do a photo shoot with them please do. Cannot wait till next time you are back down here in Otautahi ladies, you and your whanau 🙂 🙂 Much love indeed” -Raima Kameta-Poihipi, Christchurch


“Was such a wonderful privilege to have our portrait shoot in Otautahi today, thankyou so much. You both took us on a journey to another zone and we were so feeling it. What an awesome taonga to leave for our children and their whanau, as part of our legacy, whakapapa. While money and other riches are nice, material things can wait for another day. I value photos of my tupana above all else. A moment in time captured through a camera lense. Can’t wait to see the end product, which we will treasure.” -Yvonne Williams Lamb, Christchurch

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